Hospital Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

Minimizing healthcare or hospital acquired infections (HAIs) is fundamental to disease control — helping facilities reduce the spread of pandemics like COVID-19. 

Proper hand hygiene is an essential element of infection prevention, improving not just the healthcare facility’s compliance rate, but also patient safety.

AiRISTA sofia with Hand Hygiene Compliance provides efficient compliance management for all caregivers within an organization. Our B4n Personnel Tags and the BLE-based gel or soap dispenser sensors act as an electronic monitoring system, recording hand hygiene activity and compliance for each healthcare worker while notifying them when hand washing is required.

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

With the concerning rise in antimicrobial and drug resistant infections, every healthcare facility is paying close attention to its hand hygiene compliance rate.

Traditionally, the only way to monitor hand hygiene behavior was to use video surveillance or secret employees who watch dispensers. But this method of observation is prone to errors and involves significant manual effort.

Hand hygiene monitoring systems, like AiRISTA, use an automated approach to collect real-time and historic data on hygiene events.

With AiRISTA, your healthcare facility can:

  • Notify staff of a hand hygiene opportunity.
  • Eliminate manual observation of hand washing frequency.
  • Get real-time and historical data on hand hygiene behavior.
  • Maintain compliance with Joint Commission regulations.
  • Reduce the risk of spreading an infectious disease.
  • Increase hand hygiene compliance rates

Notification and
Tracking of Staff

  • Upon entry / exit of a room with a patient, the badge will notify the caregiver of the need to gel or soap wash.
  • Dwell time re-gel or wash requirements are maintained as well as restroom and food service area reminders.
  • Low cost BLE emitter pre-fit and retrofit to most hygiene dispensers record true compliance.
  • Reporting is available at the “community”, department, job function and individual level.
  • Easy to manage dashboards identify problem areas/groups and track compliance and goal achievement.

AiRISTA – RTLS Hand Hygiene
Monitoring System

The AiRISTA Hand Hygiene Solution enables intelligent observation across all dispenser types and department protocols. Here’s how it works:

Caregivers wear a durable Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tag that monitors whenever they walk into a patient room. In the room, a separate device checks the caregiver’s hand hygiene status.

If they haven’t washed their hands for a user definable period, the tag alerts them with a reminder.

Whenever a caregiver uses a gel sanitizer or soap dispenser, a corresponding node on the dispenser recognizes their tag by proximity, recording the hand hygiene event.

The AiRISTA dashboard also collects real-time and historic data to further drill down into hand hygiene processes and compliance rates, whether for the entire department or individual staff.

Our robust suite of hand hygiene monitoring solutions includes innovative RTLS devices and software, such as:

WiFi + BLE B4n Personnel Tags

AiRISTA’s B4n badge tag enables two-way communication, alerting, real-time location tracking and remote programming capabilities. This allows healthcare organizations to monitor the movement and hand hygiene activity of staff in addition to sending notifications.

Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser Sensors

The A1 BLE tag is a small, low cost beacon that is easily integrated with any gel or soap dispenser model. An internal accelerometer accurately detects when a dispense occurs, correlating the event with the hand hygiene status of the nearest healthcare worker. 

AiRISTA compiles all of this data to unlock detailed insight into your facility’s hand hygiene compliance rate. This allows you to act fast and intervene when hand washing becomes an issue, helping to reduce the spread of infection.

Sofia – AiRISTA’s Hand Hygiene Monitoring Solution

Sofia is AiRISTA’s intelligent observation platform designed specifically for healthcare providers. As part of our hand hygiene monitoring system, sofia automatically collects real-time and historic data with multilevel dashboards to drill down into specific compliance and behavioral insights.

The user-friendly interface and comprehensive visibility provide an easy way to manage and monitor RTLS information from a single location. With this centralized view of granular data, you can identify problem areas and develop proactive practices to improve hand hygiene compliance across the board.

Increasing Compliance from 65% to 85%

A 240 bed regional medical center deployed the AiRISTA sofia Hand Hygiene Compliance solution for all staff and 900 gel dispensers.

The solution spanned all patient rooms, treatment rooms, common areas, restrooms and food service areas within the healthcare facility.
After deployment, the compliance rate went from an estimated 65% to a documented 89% in the first six months.
Key areas of improvement were readily identified as well as trends to lower compliance by certain shifts or groups (i.e. late shift trailed day shift).

AiRISTA – RTLS Experts in Hand Hygiene Monitoring

AiRISTA is the leading provider of RTLS monitoring solutions, with over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. Our low-cost BLE tag solutions and user-friendly software provide in-depth data on the facility, department, group and individual levels, allowing you to:

  • Track the frequency of hand washing events (missed or taken) for individual staff members across the healthcare facility in real time.
  • Automatically notify caregivers of a hand hygiene opportunity when entering and exiting patient rooms, restrooms and food service areas.
  • Reduce the spread of infectious diseases and the costs associated with treating HAIs while improving patient outcomes.
  • Maintain compliance with regulations, protocols and requirements around dwell time, re-gel and hand washing.


Maximize Infection Control With Hand
Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

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